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Alonzo Easter

Tons of people grow up with rough life circumstances—gang violence, poverty, and drugs. What's the difference between those that are stuck there, and the ones that get out? Listen in as Alonzo Easter tells one man's story of how he's making the most of the life that he's been given.

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Rosalie Farnsworth

What is co-parenting, and why should even childless couples learn about it? What exactly are the secrets to co-parenting success? In this episode, we explore these answers and more with Rosalie Farnsworth, an outspoken, altruistic co-parenting expert and Founder of The Co-Parenting Collective. Based on over 20 years of first-hand experiences with two exes, her co-parenting platform has helped hundreds, if not thousands of co-parents transform their approach from interacting as angry exes to alignment as true parenting partners—a process she promotes as crucial to the well-being of contemporary families despite what "the system" advises—they just need a few key ingredients.

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Listen. Bridge the gap.

  We live in a world where misconceptions lead to division and conflict. Society defaults to making everything black and white, when in reality, it’s all just somewhere in between.Some might use differences as an excuse to be divided, but we believe it’s those very differences that make us all human… which ironically makes us not so different. We just need the opportunity to listen to each others' perspectives and world views. Co-hosted by Paul Kim and Jedidiah Kim, the Operation Dichotomy podcast showcases tough conversations, taboo topics, and exploration of how different ends of a spectrum can co-exist. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast platforms.

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