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Morgan Jones

Being a student athlete is a full-time job. How do you make time to be a student at the same time? What happens if after you invest all that time, you end up not making it to the pros? Do student athletes even want to make it to the pros? Tune into this episode with former college athlete, Morgan Jones, to get those answers and more.

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A Millennial IRL- w/ Karla Gregg (OPDICH-015)

  What's it like to get into the mind of a "millennial"? What does it mean to "live well and be bold"? How do these two seemingly unrelated questions actually overlap in a single human being? Get your answers in our conversation with Karla Gregg.

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Little Person- w/ Tony Hong (OPDICH-014)

   Have you ever encountered a full grown adult, standing at 4' 2"? Did you think about why they didn't grow to be "normal-size"? Do they see the world differently, both literally and figuratively? Listen in on one man's perspective, with Tony Hong.

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Aidan & Alisha Carter

What were YOU doing in elementary school? Because Aidan Carter is organizing protests in his hometown, and fighting for justice. It's safe to say that he not only sees the issues in his community, but he rises up to actually do something about them. Tune in with Aidan and his mother, Alisha, to understand why he did what he did, and also how he became such an inspiring young man.

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