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You won... or lost. Now what? (OPDICH-061)

  Some of us are elated that it looks like Joe Biden will be our next president. Others are angry and/or in denial. Either way, hopefully we know by now that one person in office isn't going to be THE answer that we need for growth in our communities. So, in light of the division that we continue to see in our nation, what do we do now? Tune in with Paul and Jedidiah and join our discussion.

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Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, and Single Issue Voting (OPDICH-059)

Are you for "killing unborn children"? Or for "stripping a woman of her right to choose what happens to her body"? Is this a fair way to describe those who vote pro-life and pro-choice? Tune in to hear Paul and Jedi talk about the whole picture, and how that should affect the way that we vote.

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Bonnie C. Sarkissian

Sexually abused under age 10, except you're not sure it's abuse because you're too young and inexperienced in life. Years later, you move away to another country, and find out in school that what you experienced was NOT normal. You finally work up the courage to tell someone in a position of authority, and are hopeful that you might begin the journey of healing. Except, you don't. Instead, you're met with a "welcome to this country"... how do you recover from that? What can you possibly do to deal with that sort of trauma? Listen in to this episode with Bonnie Cheung Sarkissian to hear her story of resilience and recovery.

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Arman James

How's the weather? What do you like to eat? What do you do for fun? Too many of our conversations don't go any deeper than that. Would it make a difference if we started to get to know each other on a deeper level, even if just for a few minutes? The answer is yes! Join us as we sit down with Arman James, to see what this man is all about.

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