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To make the world a better place, we need to become better people. Part of that is through learning from conversations with people who are different from us. Not with surface-level, small talk, but through questions about things unknown to us, and good old-fashioned inquisitiveness. To do so, you need two things. 1) Different types of people, and 2) Someone to ask them questions. With the Operation Dichotomy Podcast, you get both! There’s no easier way to avoid the awkwardness of ignorance, and the questions that are necessary to overcome that ignorance, than having someone else do it for you... Click below and have a listen; we promise you’ll learn something new. OPERATION DICHOTOMY PODCAST

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For me, there was a chasm between deep faith, and the pursuit of excellence. Understanding unconditional grace meant that there was no work to be done, and having incredible work ethic equated to a lack of faith. Those were the simple explanations, but both were untrue. The truth was, faith and excellence were intricately intertwined. One could have deep-rooted faith, and yet, maintain great work ethic. In the same way, one can be pro-life, AND respect the sacredness of a woman's body. One can support gun ownership, AND demand stricter regulation. One can follow a diet/workout regime, AND still be overweight. What connects the two extremes? Honestly, sometimes it's so difficult to understand, that it really is easier to say the two just can't work together. But we'd have to...

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Operation Dichotomy Hero

This world can be a pretty messed up place. I thought only a superhero could bring about any positive change in this world. Someone of incredible influence. Celebrities. Presidents perhaps…I soon realized that it’s not about these “larger-than-life” figures. They aren’t the ones that impact lasting change. That POWER lies with the “regular” people. Not with huge, life-altering decisions, but with the culmination of small, everyday choices. WE are the people that can change the world. In our families, our groups of friends, and close-knit communities... we all have a greater influence than we think. It's time we start taking the actions necessary to act on the responsibility we've received. Stop waiting for someone else. YOU are the hero.

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'A' does not equal 'B'. Society (usually exacerbated by media) tends to paint pictures of contradicting ideologies at war with one another: If you’re religious, you must think you’re morally superior. If you support the right to bear arms, you’re selfish and don’t value human life. If you’re pro-life, you’re anti-woman. If you’re pro-woman, you’re anti-man. If black lives matter, white lives don’t. If you’re poor, it’s entirely your fault. If you’re rich, it’s because you got lucky. And that barely touches the surface! Let’s be real with ourselves for a moment. How many times have you thought, consciously or unconsciously, that if someone is ‘A’ then he must also be ‘B’? Probably more than once, right? The reality is,...

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